Pet Sitting

All of the above

While you are traveling, your Out-U-Go! friends visit, feed, walk, belly rub, & love your dogs, cats, and critters

I want a sitter!

  • Personal Care All Out-U-Go! love is distributed by our awesome, expert sitters. You will receive personalized notes detailing all the fun your furry family members had while you were away!
  • Stress Free Travel No need to worry while you’re away! Our OUG! expert sitters provide you with peace of mind for your animal friends.
  • Happy Pets. OUG! pet sitters give your dogs, cats, and critters personal one-on-one attention for a memorable and fun stay-cation!
  • Easy. Simply call OUG! before your trip and have a worry-free vacation. No dropping off or picking up your furry family members–just walk out the door!

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Pet Sitting [pet sit-ting] verb:
The act of an Out-U-Go! human pet sitter caring for a dog in their home while their parents are away. Pet sitting consists of one or multiple visits a day by Out-U-Go! pet sitters to the homes of pet parents. Pet sitting includes walking, feeding, and general care for all vacation care needs. In-home pet sitting is a great alternative to dog boarding.