Dog Sitting

Fido takes a staycation

While you are traveling, your Out-U-Go! friends visit, feed, walk, belly rub, & love your pooch. You have fun on vacation, and your furry family has fun at home. It’s a win-win!

Let’s Go Out!

  • Stress Free Travel. The reliable Out-U-Go! experts take care of your pup(s), so you don’t need to worry!
  • Awesome. All Out-U-Go! love is distributed by our awesome sitters, who are graduates of Dog Walk University. Each visit is a personalized experience for U and your pup.
  • Easy. No drop-off or pick-up before departure. Walk out the door and head to the airport; walk into your home and return to your happy pooch!
  • Safe. Awesome in-home care means no exposure to other dogs and their germs. Your pooch is safe in his own home without the risk of injuries or bad habits learned from the less-savory canine types.

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Dog Sitting [dawg sit-ing] noun:
The act of an Out-U-Go! human dog sitter caring for a dog in their home while their parents are away. Dog sitting consists of one or multiple visits a day by Out-U-Go! pet sitters to the homes of pet parents. Dog sitting includes walking, feeding, and general care for all vacation care needs. In-home dog sitting is a great alternative to dog boarding. Also see overnight pet sitting service.